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Chain Roller
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Chain Roller Kit

RL250 Chain Roller Kit - $36.00

The Matrix Motor Sport Chain Roller Kit includes all parts to convert the original Suzuki RL250 drive chain tensioner rub block with a modern roller.

While state-of-the-art at the time, the original RL250 rub block wears out relatively quickly. For bikes that are ridden regularly, it only makes sense to upgrade the tensioner with current production components.

Included in the kit is a roller with a polyurethane outer casting and two sealed ball bearings, a custom fabricated nylon standoff, steel face plate, and all necessary hardware. No modification or drilling of the tensioner arm is required. Just remove the old components and install the new roller kit.

Once installed, you must ensure that the chain runs in the center of the roller. Over time and use, the tensioner arm may have been struck hard enough to have been bent slightly. It can be straightened, carefully, by pushing as necessary on the tensioner arm from either the right or left side.

The tensioner arm is included in the photos for clarity and is not a part of the Chain Roller Kit.

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Last modified: 05/26/14