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EZE-PULL Clutch Mod.
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EZE-PULL Clutch Modification

Price: $48.00

The Matrix Motor Sports EZ-PULL Clutch Modification is the most complete solution offered for the difficult clutch on the 1974-1975 Suzuki RL250L/M Exacta or Suzuki Beamish RL250 models with silver engines. Included in the kit is a modified replacement clutch push rod, new custom made clutch springs, magneto cover gasket, clutch cover gasket, and clutch push rod oil seal. Complete installation instructions are provided.

The effect of the kit is a reduction of effort required to pull and release the clutch with smoother and more predictable operation over the range of lever movement. This modification places the RL250 clutch at least on par with other vintage trials bikes of the era.

The new one-piece hardened tool steel clutch push rod replaces the two softer clutch rods that were originally fitted. The original rods bend against the force of the six clutch springs and can become displaced relative to one another under compression with subsequent increased friction against the bore of the countershaft.

The clutch pack itself is the controllable link between the crankshaft and the transmission and is rated according to the amount of torque that it can effectively control. That amount of torque is determined by the contact area of the drive and friction plates and the spring force engaging the plates. Although the spring tensions are dramatically different, the 18HP RL250 clutch is the same configuration as the 30HP TM250. While the friction area of the RL clutch is certainly sufficient, there is room to alter the spring tension.

This kit includes three new springs to be used in conjunction with three of the original springs. Six custom wound springs would have doubled the cost and price of the modification and are unnecessary. The new springs are installed in alternate locations between the existing springs. The combined tension allows a force reduction at the clutch lever of approximately 15% (shorty levers) to 20% (standard levers) as measured with a spring scale at the lever.

Of equal importance to smooth clutch operation is the condition of the clutch cable itself. The cable must be evaluated as to its condition and replaced if found defective. Any frayed wire, kinks, or tight bends will stiffen or impair the operation of the clutch. Consider also that the degree of left/right rotation of the forks can cause a much tighter bend in the clutch cable in one direction than the other depending upon how the cable is routed. Replace the cable and/or change the routing as required.

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