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Flywheel Weight
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RL250 Flywheel Weight

Price:      $95.00 - Brass

                Cast iron weights unavailable at this time

A Flywheel Weight adds additional mass to the rotating crank assembly that serves to dampen the power pulses. This makes the motorcycle's engine more tractable and the bike easier to control. 

This weight was patterned after the Beamish weight but is made from larger diameter stock and is a bit heavier. To allow clearance for the weight a small tab inside the Magneto Cover must be removed. This requires only grasping the small tab with a pair of pliers and breaking it off with a sideways movement. Other than the removal of this tab, the flywheel weight fits comfortably inside the Magneto Cover. Three Allen head screws are included to attach the weight to the flywheel. No drilling is required.

Brass is about 15% heavier than cast iron. While it is certainly a more pleasant machining experience to cut brass weights, the brass blanks are about 10 times the cost of cast iron blanks.


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Last modified: 05/26/14