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Foot Pegs
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RL250 Foot Peg Extensions


bulletExtensions - $20.00
bulletExtensions, Prepare, and Weld - $40

These Foot Peg extensions provide a more stable foundation to stand upon and that allows more accurate control of your weight while riding. Also, since the larger foot peg area contacts a larger area of your riding boot it doesn't feel like you have been standing on a roll of quarters all day.

The extensions are of mild steel and have a serrated edge to match the existing edge on the stock RL250 Foot Peg. Installation of the extension is accomplished by removing any dirt or rust and what's left of the old finish. Bead or sand blasting works very quickly to prepare the surface for welding. The extensions may be successfully welded by gas, TIG, or brazing. Bead blast, apply an etch primer, and apply the gloss black top coat finish.

Matrix Motor Sport can accomplish the installation welding and finishing of the extensions to your pegs if desired. New springs, clevis pins (pivot pin), washers, and split pins are also on hand.

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Last modified: 05/26/14