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RL250 Fork Brace/Fender Mount

Price: $45.00

This fork brace is designed to bolt directly to the RL250 front forks to provide additional stiffness and more positive steering. It is manufactured from mild steel and chrome plated. It is basically patterned after the Beamish designed brace but of heavier materials and 1/2" additional height has been added to lessen the possibility of loading up and locking the front wheel in muddy conditions.

The original fender will not be compatible with this fork brace. Front fender choices are the Matrix Motor Sport Modified Reproduction Front Fender, a trimmed original fender to match the photo, or a trials universal fender. Remember that the Matrix fender and the original fenders may be painted but the trials universal fender cannot.

The mounting of the brace to the fork leg and the attachment of the fender to the brace will require a total of six 6mm bolts, plus lock and flat washers. Chrome plated or stainless steel dome nuts look great on the top of the fender as in the photo. Hardware is also available if needed.

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Last modified: 05/26/14