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Frame Repair Kit
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RL250 Frame Repair Kit

Price: $60.00

This RL250 Frame Repair Kit includes the materials and installation instructions to repair and strengthen the cracked frame tube just above the left foot peg bracket.

The RL250 Frame Repair Kit includes a new section of .75 O.D. 4130N chrome-moly frame tube, 4130N inside sleeve tubes, a new design long-span replacement gusset, foot peg bolt boss, and an additional gusset to strengthen the horizontal tube existing attachment (see photos). Each new part is pre-cut and shaped to ease placement and welding. It is assumed that minor variances in frames will necessitate some material removal for final fit, but it will be minimal.

Enclosed installation instructions detail the removal of the existing gussets and damaged frame tube, preparation of the areas for welding, and fitment/alignment and installation of the new pieces. The fitting of the tubes follow repair techniques consistent with accepted aircraft repair methods utilizing inside sleeves and the use of rosette welds. The installation will allow the correct alignment of the swing arm pivot bolt using the spacers already contained within the swing arm itself (see photo) and the correct placement and alignment of the foot peg bracket attachment threaded boss. The welding of the new pieces can be by TIG, gas, or brazing.

Background: The chrome-moly frame of the US import RL250L/M Exacta can crack when subjected to multiple high loads, as in landings from jumps. Although the area is gusseted, the weakest structural link is in the space between the gussets. Left unattended, the cracked and weakened left frame tube will allow the frame to flex which will crack the right frame tube as well. In addition, the smaller horizontal tubes that tie the tubes to the large diameter frame backbone can also crack.

A Repair Kit is also available to restore the frame back to its original configuration. The repair process will be much the same as the repair described above. Please email for information.

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Last modified: 05/26/14