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Engine Case Screw Kits

Price: $17.50

The RL250 engine was, as most bikes of the era, assembled with a number of Phillips head screws of various lengths. The Engine Case Screw Kit includes all the required correct length screws for the RL250 Clutch Cover, Magneto Cover, Magneto Inspection Cover, and the Sprocket Cover of the RL250 engine and Beamish 'silver' engines. A great way to spruce up the bike and maintain the original appearance.

I have found that Phillips head screws are as easy to work with as an Allen head screw. The biggest issue is that the correct size screwdriver MUST be used. Another common problem leading to damage are screwdrivers that are worn beyond useful limits. Using the wrong size screwdriver or a worn out screwdriver is a death sentence to a Phillips head screw.

Most of the engine screws will have a diameter of 6mm and will require a #3 Phillips screwdriver. If an impact driver is used to break the screw loose, it must also have a #3 Phillips bit. The next most common size is a 5mm screw which requires a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Many screwdrivers now have the facility to place a wrench on the shaft to allow the application of more torque to remove or install the screw. If your screwdrivers have this capability use it to your advantage. When you next purchase screwdrivers, make sure that they have incorporated a way to place a wrench on the shaft.

Using anti-seize for the installation of the screws is recommended because it also serves as a necessary thread lubricant and will displace moisture to help prevent corrosion. Your local auto parts store is good place to find anti-seize compound. Applying a small amount of compound to the underside of the screw head will also ease the installation and help prevent water from entering.

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