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Carburetor Insert Modification

Price:  $75.00

The RL250 was originally fitted with a Mikuni VM28 Round Slide carburetor. It can be easily argued that this carburetor is not an optimum choice and that a carburetor with a smaller bore would provide better low end response. The choices would then be a new carburetor and all the required attachment pieces or a modification that reduces the original carburetor bore to the more effective size.   

This Matrix Motor Sport modification includes a complete ultrasonic cleaning of the carburetor, the installation of an insert in the outlet to reduce the effective size of the carburetor from 28mm to 25mm, new genuine Mikuni jets, gaskets, seals, needle and seat, new slide cutout, and functional test.

Complete new smaller bore carburetor set ups are also available at special request.

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Last modified: 05/26/14