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Cylinder Bore
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Precision Cylinder Bore and Hone

Price: $40 Single, $70 twin, $95 triple, $120 in-line four

Boring and honing an internal combustion engine cylinder is much more complex than the old drill motor and hone in a bucket of solvent method. Observing proper shop practices and using the best tools during the boring and honing processes gives the best chance for long cylinder life and highest engine performance.

Matrix Motor Sport uses state-of-the-art Winona Van Norman equipment to resize and hone the bores of single to four cylinder in-line motorcycle and kart engines.

bulletThe CB1401 Cylinder Boring Machine resizes bores from 1.5" to 4.0". Its high quality and sturdy design ensures a bore that is square to the mounting surface and has an infinitely variable spindle feed rate to keep surface fracture to a minimum.
bulletThe PS1370 Power Stroke Cylinder Hone and Friction Head Hone Head produces a precision finished diameter, consistent surface finish, and the proper cross-hatch pattern.

Basically, the boring process resizes the bore diameter to a target dimension and prepares the surface for the hone. But, it also ensures that the centerline of the bore is perpendicular to the cylinder mounting surface, the bore is perfectly round, and the diameter is consistent throughout its length.

Attention must also given to the surface quality of the cylinder wall.  The boring machine employs a rotating cutter bit that is pulled through the bore from the top to the bottom. Boring to an oversize requires several passes of the cutter until the bore is brought out to within .002" to .003" of the target diameter. As the tool removes material, the surface of the cylinder wall becomes fractured and is unsuitable as a sealing surface for the piston rings.

The goal of the honing is to;

bulletgrind through the fractured surface
bulletcomplete the bore resize without creating an out-of-round, coke bottle shape, or hourglass shaped bore
bulletleave the finish and cross-hatch pattern necessary for an effective ring seal.

Failing to accomplish each of these crucial final steps will most likely result in a shortened life span for the cylinder and less than optimum performance from the engine.

Trust Matrix Motor Sport for all of your precision cylinder work.

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Last modified: 05/26/14