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Magnetic Drain Plug
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Magnetic Drain Plug

Price: $15.00

Blame it on my years in aviation, but I have always fabricated a magnetic drain plug for my engines. The theory is that any bits of steel floating around in oil do not need to find its way between bearing surfaces. Nothing good comes of this contamination and accelerated wear is always the result.

Think about it. When you look at a transmission gear and see wear on the cogs or teeth, where do you think that metal goes? Granted it can be in pretty fine pieces, but how big does a piece of steel need to be to cause additional problems? Routinely changing the oil does not guarantee that these bits will be removed. Their small size, in fact, allows them to become so dispersed within the oil system that only complete disassembly and cleaning will remove them all. 

The only way to keep the little guys from making trouble is to capture and hold them until they can be manually removed.  Each time the transmission oil is changed just wipe the magnet clean.

The magnetic drain plug actually accomplishes two tasks; to capture and hold ferrous metal and to provide visual indications of the condition inside the engine.

The magnetic drain plug allows the operator to see the results of operation between oil changes. When oil change after oil change goes by and only a small amount of 'fuzz' is found on the magnet, one might assume that things are in pretty good shape. Then, say, a larger chuck of metal is found. One might logically assume that something significant has occurred that may require attention. Continuing to monitor the oil changes will lead to a determination if repairs are in order or that the large chuck was a isolated event.

This magnetic drain plug from Matrix Motor Sport is a drilled stock Suzuki item with a pressed-in nickel-plated rare earth magnet and may be used in any engine with a 14mm X 1.25 thread (same as a spark plug). It comes ready to install with a new gasket. 

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Last modified: 05/26/14