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Carb Insert
EZE-PULL Clutch Mod.
Flywheel Weight
Screw Kits
Sprocket Cover
Magnetic Drain Plug
Magneto Cover
Shifter Rubber

Engine Products
RL250 Carburetor Insert Modification

This modification will reduce the 28mm throat to 26mm to increase the airflow velocity and allow better control in the lowest RPM ranges as normally used in trials section riding.

RL250 EZE-PULL Clutch Modification

Smoothes and improves the overall operation of the clutch and eases the force required to pull and release the lever. Finally! Complete installation instructions included.

RL250 Flywheel Weight

Add additional weight to the crank to smooth out the power pulses. Includes mounting screws.

RL250 Outer Engine Case Screw Sets

Complete set of correct length Phillips head screws for the Clutch Cover, Magneto Cover, Magneto Inspection Cover, and  the Sprocket Cover.

RL250 Sprocket Cover

Reproduction Sprocket Cover finished in chrome plate.

RL250 Magnetic Drain Plug

Provides a measure of insurance by capturing potentially harmful steel particles in the transmission oil.

RL250 Replacement Magneto Inspection Cover

Machined nylon replacement magneto inspection covers.

RL250 Reproduction Shifter Rubber
A final detail for a perfect restoration
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Last modified: 05/26/14