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Tech Tips

We really only have a couple of choices today for refinishing our frames; powder coat or paint. Most of the choices require a bit of an investment plus the time and trouble necessary to haul the frame, swing arm, engine plates, and chain guard around.

You will probably make different choices for a restoration to sit in your den or a trail/competition bike that's going to have to endure some wear and tear. Your available funds, willingness and facilities, or lack thereof, to Do-It-Yourself will probably influence your decision, also.

Jay G. has a great suggestion. For a good looking finish at a very reasonable cost try the Krylon Fusion paint in Metallic Shimmer. It is a very close match to the original RL250 frame color and goes on as easy as it can get. I'm not a big fan of rattle can paints for durability but this paint could change my mind.

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Last modified: 05/26/14