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Welcome to the Matrix Motor Sport and RL250 website. In it, you will find products and services geared to vintage Trials motorcycles with special emphasis on the Suzuki RL250 and Beamish Suzuki RL250/325 bikes. I hope that you find this site interesting and helpful.

The list of Matrix Motor Sport products and services will develop and grow, as will this web site. Thank you for checking in from time to time.

The Mission

The focus of Matrix Motor Sport is to not only provide the customer with quality products and services but to provide a personal and interested approach to customer needs and goals with the desire and ability to satisfy those needs.


Hello, my name is Michael McPeters and I live and work in Davenport, Iowa. Matrix Motor Sport has come into being from my long time interest in vehicles with engines, my thirty odd years in the aviation industry, and the desire to accomplish as much of my own design, machining, and fabrication work as I can along the way.

Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have ridden motorcycles of most all sizes and brands over the road and in the dirt since the age of fourteen. My first bike, a Yamaha YG-1, disappeared from the school parking lot only a few weeks from new and was later found in a shallow pool of water near the Arkansas River. I made an agreement with my Dad that if he would buy the parts, I would do the repairs. When the owner of the Yamaha shop heard it run again he offered me my first real job, for $.90/hour. That experience began a lifelong interest in motorcycles. 

As an adult I rode primarily on the street until the kids were grown and then began again with dirt bikes from the era I was most familiar with, what we now call 'vintage'. The Suzuki's were always fast and solid so I began riding again with the RL250 and TM250/400 bikes. 

I continue street riding on a Goldwing and still find it the most enjoyable method of travel. I have ridden through most states, with a couple of 1,000-mile days, and my wife, Susan, and I have ridden together as far as Nova Scotia. 

Contact Information
Important: My old email address of 15+ years, rl250@netexpress.net, is no longer supported by my service provider. Please use rl250@rl250.com or info@rl250.com.
Postal address
1332 W. 46th Street, Davenport, Iowa 52806
Electronic mail
General and Sales Information: info@rl250.com

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