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Machining Services

Machine Shop Rate - $45/hr.

Owning and maintaining our vintage bikes can sometimes be a problem as supplies of new and used parts diminish. Heavy repairs, or the buildup of a 'special' or competition bike, requires machinery, tooling, and skills not normally found in the home workshop.

The competition bike of your dreams, or just a great idea, can become a reality with the help of Matrix Motor Sport. A simple axle spacer, a steering stem modification to mate forks to a frame, engine mounting plates, a special bolt, flywheel, a weld-on or clamp-on bracket, or other parts and pieces to maintain, modify, or personalize your machine can be produced with a minimum of time, effort, and cost.

Matrix Motor Sport can accomplish lathe turning and milling work in steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, plastics, and other materials. Support functions of drilling, reaming, sheet metal shearing/forming, pressing, punching, dimpling, welding, etc., can be utilized as necessary. Chrome, cadmium, or zinc plating, as well as anodizing and painting, may also be accomplished in-house or arranged as required. Material certifications and lot numbers may also be tracked if desired.

Matrix Motor Sport is also open to partnerships for the design and production of viable products or to function as a sub-contractor. The upcoming addition of CNC will expand the capabilities and utility of the lathe and mill.

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Last modified: 05/26/14