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Magneto Cover
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Replacement Magneto Inspection Cover

Price: $38.00

The Matrix Motor Sport Replacement Magneto Inspection Cover is offered to those owners who ride their RL250 in vintage competition and to those who just want to save the original covers from certain destruction.

The original RL250 Magneto Cover and Magneto Inspection Cover are very difficult pieces to find in good condition. The frame does not protect these covers from damage and even a well-designed bash plate will not protect the Inspection Cover.

The Magneto Inspection Cover is a thin wall die casting and cannot easily be repaired. Typical damage to the Inspection Cover comes from striking the shift lever hard enough to drive it into the cover. Punching a hole in the cover will pretty much condemn it to the scrap heap.

This replacement cover is of cast urethane in a light grey color.

The Matrix Motor Sport Replacement Magneto Inspection Cover comes ready to install complete with the correct 5mm Phillips head screws. The gasket for the cover is also available if needed. 

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Last modified: 05/26/14