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What's New?

This web page was last modified on: Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Welcome! This is where recent additions to the web site will be announced. If you've visited here before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. You will also see the () graphic to highlight the most recent changes.

25 Jun 2014

bulletTech Tip Addition - RL250 Ignition
bulletTech Tip Addition - RL250 General Specification Comparison

10 Jun 2014

bulletNew Product - Rear Shock Spring Slider
bulletTech Tip Addition - Rear Shock Disassembly

May 2014

bulletWeb Site Change - All Decals are now under a new heading
bulletNew Product - 1974 TS250L Decal Set
bulletNew Product - 1974 TS400L Decal Set
bulletNew Product - 1977 TS400B Decal Set
bulletNew Product - Number Plate
bulletTech Tip Addition - Frame Paint Suggestion
bulletNew Product - Takasago Rim Decal
bulletNew Product - Reproduction Shifter Rubber
bulletNew Product - Replacement Magneto Inspection Cover

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