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Polishing Services

Pricing on Request -  based on condition

Over time and with use the outer engine covers can endure a fair bit of abuse. Although the RL250 has over 11" of ground clearance we still find ways to scratch and dent the covers with rocks, logs, dirt and gravel, boot buckles, and tool boxes. The clear coat that was originally applied at the factory to protect the finish deteriorates and allows corrosion to develop. Unfortunately, the presence of clear coat also prevents any effective short term or stop-gap effort to treat the corrosion or repair any damage.

Dents and the very deep scratches in the engine covers can present even larger concerns. A dent will usually mean that the metal in that area has also cracked. A crack may not be visible from the outside and may not even leak oil. Any serious work to refinish the covers will require that attention be given to the repair of cracks.

The only effective method to resurrect the finish of the covers is to remove the old clear coat, weld repair any cracks, remove the scratches and corrosion using abrasives, and then polish the surface to a gleaming finish.

Once polished, the covers may be left as is or sprayed with polyurethane clear. The clear coat will actually dull the bright finish somewhat. The covers can easily be maintained without the clear coat by polishing periodically with Flitz, Met-All, or other aluminum polish. 

Why have engine covers that are rough, scratched, dinged, dulled by corrosion, and with discolored clear coat? Matrix Motor Sport can repair and polish the engine covers to look better than when new.

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Last modified: 05/26/14