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Rear Shock Slider
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Tech Tips

Price: $18.00 /pair

The stock RL250 rear shock utilizes an external dual-spring setup separated by a white plastic spacer. The spacer keeps the two springs in line with one another and also serves to  stabilize the springs relative to the centerline of the shock body. The spring sliders weather, chip, and discolor over time or, in other words, becomes all the things you don't want on your restoration.

The Matrix Motor Sport reproduction rear shock spring slider is machined from white Delrin plastic rod. Technically an acetal resin homopolymer, Delrin is a Dupont product with high impact resistance, high lubricity, wear resistance, with high strength and stability at both high and low temperatures. All in all, a great choice for the spring slider.

If you are working to save your original shocks for display on your RL250 restoration, these new Shock Sliders will add another level of correctness to your work.

A discussion of shock disassembly is located in the Tech Tips section.

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Last modified: 05/26/14