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RL250 Restorations

Price based on specification

Matrix Motor Sports can provide RL250 restorations to fit every Customer's desires. Restored RL250s generally fall into two distinct groups; machines to look upon, and machines to ride.

Complete Restoration

A full tilt, all up, restoration with light kit is available for those desiring to possess the bike as it appeared new in the 70's and to display it as an example of the early trials genre. The engine is completely rebuilt with new precision bore, new seals, bearings and gaskets, clutch disks, the crankshaft rebuilt with new rod and bearing, and the transmission and shifter parts thoroughly inspected for condition. The center cases are bead blasted and the outer cases are replaced or polished. New wheel bearings, swing arm bushings, cables, brakes, tires, tubes, sprockets, chain, and rubber parts are replaced. The frame is powder coated and the fenders, side covers, and fuel tank repainted with acrylic enamel and a complete decal set. Hardware is either replaced or replated. The front forks are thoroughly cleaned inspected, polished, and reassembled. The exhaust chamber and silencer are de-coked, cleaned, and painted with high temperature paint. The wheels are torn down, the rims replaced or polished, then assembled and laced with stainless steel spokes, and trued.

The following photos are of an accurate restoration. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Restore to Customer Specification

For those who desire to actually ride and compete on the bike, there is a restoration choice that combines the dependability and performance of a new motorcycle, the styling we all love, and the advantage of more advanced technology and design. The work required to bring the bike up to basic specification is not that different from the full restoration. The engine work is completed as is the rework and paint of the frame. The departure from a full restoration comes in the customer specification for tires, final gearing, rear shocks, front fork springs and damping, handlebars and controls and reproduction fenders are installed.

The following photos are of a customer specification bike destined to ride the sections regularly. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Please contact Matrix Motor Sport if you are looking for an RL250 in either original trim or built to your personal use specification.

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Last modified: 05/26/14