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Replacement Seat Cover

Price: $38.00

The Matrix Motor Sport replacement seat cover is made to exacting standards for a perfect fit and  look.

OK, let's face it, there's not much to an RL250 seat cover. They do get nicked up over time and the edge of the seat pan eventually works its way through the material leaving it jagged and frayed.

Installing the cover is a relatively easy process. The old cover is held in place by sharply pointed tabs that were die cut in the steel pan. The tabs are pushed through the seat cover material and simply bent down to hold it tight. Pry the tabs up with a small screwdriver to release the old cover and lift it off, clean and paint the seat pan as necessary, stretch the new cover over the foam and base and push the tabs through the new cover. Make sure that no odd ends are visible from under the seat and install it onto the bike.

The main concern to the installation is the edge of the seat base, as it is fairly sharp. Without protection the new cover will quickly be cut by the seat base edge. A length of rubber edge molding was initially installed over the edge prior to the installation of the cover. This molding must be in place when the new cover is installed.

Recognizing that the old seats may have a damaged or missing edge molding, this replacement seat cover comes complete with new edge molding.

Future plans include a replacement molded seat foam.

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Last modified: 05/26/14