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Rear Sprocket Spacer

Price: $20.00

The original RL250 and Beamish sprockets had an offset in the form of a dished center to provide correct alignment with the countershaft sprocket and to save weight. In addition to the choices of 14, 15, and 16 tooth steel countershaft sprockets, Suzuki offered the aluminum rear sprockets in 54 and optional 56 tooth sizes.

Since new original rear sprockets are in short supply and are not recommended for optimal performance, aftermarket sprockets with more teeth are now available. The aftermarket sprockets do not have the dished feature and therefore will lack the offset necessary to maintain alignment with the countershaft sprocket.

To correct this problem, an aluminum spacer is installed between the sprocket and the rear hub to gain back the correct alighnment. The original sprocket bolts should be replaced with bolts that have a 5mm longer reach to maintain maximum thread contact in the hub. These spacers are available from several sources but be aware that some of the spacers offered may not be the correct thickness. 

Matrix Motor Sports has the correct thickness rear sprocket spacers available in 6061-T6 aluminum as well as steel countershaft sprockets, aluminum rear sprockets, 428H chain, long-reach bolts, and locks for an easy and safe installation.

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Last modified: 05/26/14