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Welding Services

Welding Shop Rate - $40/hr.

Matrix Motor Sport offers welding services for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. From a simple repair to a fabricated part Matrix can deliver quality work at good prices.

Suzuki's RL250 frame was one of the first chrome-moly production frames. That may account for the quality of the welds, . . . but probably not. The frame really has given pretty good service over the years but can have its problems when pushed beyond design limits. Big jumps have taken a toll on the left side, the chain side, of some of the frames. Matrix can repair those cracked and broken frames and also offers a Frame Repair Kit of the necessary parts for the repair.

One of the most commented on aspects of the RL250 design was the fuel tank. Originally of aluminum, it was indeed a nice piece that defined the RL250 as a uniquely attractive bike. Possibly as an omen, the early rider tests reports in the magazines almost always featured an RL250 with a dented tank. Over the years many of these tanks have not only been banged about, they also have developed leaks from vibration. The steel tanks were a bit tougher but can still sustain dents and leaks.

Matrix will effectively repair, polish, and paint most damaged aluminum tanks. The tanks must be cut apart, the dents removed, and the tank re-welded and leak checked. The threaded boss for the petcock can also be replaced or repaired. The final steps to a complete repair are paint, decals, and polish.    

SAVE THE CASES! Endangered RL250 parts are becoming more and more of a concern. We have the bikes to ride and enjoy but the result of that use can result in damage to the engine cases. Matrix Motor Sport can repair most damage to the RL/TS/TM engine cases. An impact to the case that is strong enough to create a visible dent on the outside of a case will more than likely show up as a crack on the inside. These cracks can be weld repaired and the surface dressed to allow a brilliant polish. Don't toss them, repair them.

Matrix can also accomplish exhaust system repairs, seat pan repairs, bash plates, or whatever might be required. Matrix will work with you to decide upon a cost effective method of repair.

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Last modified: 05/26/14