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RL250 Modified Reproduction Front Fender

Fender Price: Unpainted - $40.00

Fender Price: Painted Metallic Silver - $75.00

This fender profile is taken from the original fender mold but is modified to allow use with a tubular fork brace. It is made by wet lay up of fiberglass cloth and polyester resin on a mold made from an NOS RL250 front fender.

The British-made Beamish RL250 incorporated a tubular steel brace to stiffen the forks. The new brace utilized the same attachment to the fork leg as the original front fender so Beamish cut the ‘ears’ off the original Suzuki front fender and attached it to the fork brace with two new holes drilled through the top. Over the years the supply of original fenders dwindled to the point that many US RL250 owners have replaced the original front fender with the Beamish type fork brace and a plastic trials universal fender.

The problem with this concept is that the plastic fenders cannot be painted and are available in only a few colors necessitating a major departure from the original color scheme of the bike.

This new modified replacement front fender allows the retention of the fork brace and it may be painted to any color desired.

This photo shows the fender mated to the fork brace. Click photo to enlarge.

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